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“We are one tribe, one people, one nation, and of one world.

See through skin-deep differences.

See past the doctrine of belief.

See beyond diverging ideologies.

See into the heart of humanity,

And know that we are all the same.

We journey through life collectively.

We must courageously embrace the voyage, 

And travel together hand in hand into the unknown.”

The Song of Kings, by R.J. Chance


Welcome to 'Positief Atheïsme'



A word to the believer

   This site offers information, support and understanding to all those who struggle with the inconsistencies between the doctrines of their religion and the reality confronting them each day. Such as for instance when they realise that the earth is not a flat square, that snakes and donkeys do not talk, that unicorns do not exist, that people cannot walk on water, that virgins do not give birth to babies, that dead men do not walk, and that many other biblical myths cannot possibly be true. Not then and not now, because the laws of nature have always existed and always will.

   This discrepancy between Bronze Age superstition and common sense – irresponsibly kept alive by interested parties - causes a mental affliction defined by psychologists as ‘cognitive dissonance’  which can be very distressing and unsettling to the human mind, especially when encountered in adolescence and the early years of adulthood. For it is in growing up, in realizing the full potential of one’s own mental capacities, that many doubts arise about all the miraculous happenings we were told about in childhood. Miracles that purportedly only happened in the past, and that to the now critical mind may seem... well, very miraculous indeed!

   If you are a believer, spare yourself a moment’s thought to remind yourself how you came to accept your personal brand of religion as being the only true one and to  reject all those hundreds of other posiblities. 

Undoubtedly, you are well aware that millions of other believers disagree with you about which god to worship, and in which way. In that way, they are themselves atheists about every god but their own, just like you are yourself. Yet, each and everyone of those other believers is just as absolutely certain of his creed as being the one and only true one as you are of yours. Now then, not everybody can be right about this at the same time, can they? Realizing this, the thought occurs that perhaps nobody at all has got it right. So you might as well be honest with yourself and admit that you didn’t arrive at your belief by your own reasoning and on your own accord. Instead - and to put it mildly - you “inherited” your belief from your parents. When you were still an innocent child, trusting adults to know better, they instilled their belief into you, because as good parents do, they considered this to be in the best interest of their children. And of course, they themselves in turn had gotten their religion in exactly the same way, and so had their parents,  and their parents ad infinitum, thus making your religion a truly self-perpetuating system, without much effort by those who profit most by it.

   Coming to think about it, this infers that your belief was ultimately determined bij fate, by mere accident of birth. Undoubtedly you are aware of the fact that your birth was, by definition, the only event in your entire life over which you had no control whatsoever. If you were born in the civilized, affluent West you have ample reason to be satisfied with that fate but still, you didn’t choose your parents, nor the place where they were living, nor their education or economic conditions. The blind forces of nature decided all this for you, just like the colour of your skin or your native tongue. Yet all of these factors determine one’s brand of religion, or lack of it.

   Had you been born in Iran for instance, you would now be a Shia Muslim, had it been Saudi Arabia instead, you would now be a pious Sunni Muslim. Israël? You would be convinced that the god created by your ancestors had promised the land of Palestina to you, providing you were to murder all of its original inhabitants. (Deut. 20:16) The United States? In that case, your parents - and thereby you - would firmly adhere to just one single edition out of hundreds of various Protestant cults, and be very happy with that. Italy? Could you become anything but a staunch Roman Catholic? And so we can go on and on, but all this doesn’t make your own sincerely held belief very convincing to others, now does it?

   Here on ‘Positief Atheïsme’ we aim to encourage believers to develop their own mind and moral code by means of free and independent thinking and research, unfetterd bij the restrictions that religion imposed on your mind from an early age onward. For any thought not conforming with the Bible or the doctrine of your religion, so you were told, was the voice of Satan trying to lead you astray. Not that anyone had ever shown Satan to exist, or even could, but the inhumane threat of eternal hell in afterlife was meant to keep you in the “safety of the flock”, as if you were all mindless sheep. And we sincerely pity you for that. It must be a heavy load on your mind, all your life.

For just that threat of "hell ever after" is the craftiest, the most ruthlessly inhumane idea people have ever dreamed up in all the world. Because even in the most rigidly dictatorial regimes, like for instance in North Korea, you will in the end escape that sad life by dying, thus gaining eternal rest. But not you when you're a Christian, that's when the suffering really gets going. Forever and ever! At least, so you've been told since childhood.            

In that childhood, like any other child. you trustingly accepted everything your parents and other adults told you. It is the way we all grow up and accumulate our first knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Those adults told you tales about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, God, Little Red Riding Hood, and many other charming stories. And like any other child, at the time you enjoyed the story-telling and believed much of it.

   But now that you are an adult and fully responsible for all your actions and behaviour - living as you are in present-day society instead of among a nomadic tribe of goat herders in the Middle East during the Bronze Age - you have the moral duty to follow your own line of reasoning, no matter where that leads you. Above all, you must allow your evolutionary inborn sense of morality to guide you on this journey, to freely and critically judge any imposed ethic rules rather than be guided by those horrible tales of cruelty and genocide in the Old Testament. In this, you are commanded to kill the girl who is not a virgin in the bridal bed, or to kill the man who collects sticks of wood on the sabbath to cook his meal.  On the other hand you are advised, that virgins are legitime spoils of war, and you are given rules and recommendations for the treatment of slaves. 

By the way, reading all of the Bible with an open mind, is exactly the way many of us came to our atheism. Because atheism is arrived at by critical thinking, not by blind belief in what others say.

   It is only because hardly any believer ever read the whole Bible in this open minded way, rather than just the nice parts the clergy keeps pointing out to them, that they are misled in believing this really is the infallible word of a benevolent god, were such an entity to exist. But think about it, to give just one single example, how could anyone in his right mind justify the killing of every living thing on earth - all humans, animals and plants - by drowning them in one Great Flood? Of course we know that didn’t happen, because the way it is described it is physically impossible, but that is not the real issue here. For Christians do believe that story, and It is the ethics of that gruesome story that count. If they were told that somebody else, somebody really existing in the world as we know it, was fully responsible for such a tremendous crime they rightly would be horrified about his immorality. And yet, every time they attend church to worship, they go there to praise this cruel god for his goodness and mercy... and beg for his protection!

   So it is a good thing for humanity at large that most of us - whether skeptics, agnostics, atheists or even believers -  rather adhere to the ‘Golden Rule’ than to the Bible in our lifes. This great ethical code urges us to:

‘Treat others as we like others to treat ourselves’  

   Although this rule of ethical conduct often is erroneously attributed to Jesus in his ‘Sermon on the Mount’. (Matt. 7:12 and Luke 6:31), its origin lies about 500 years earlier. Scholars commonly attribute this wisdom to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who lived in 551 – 479 BCE. This same morality could also be found in many of the major religions of that time, like Zoroatrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

   On this site you will find a number of articles, many of which are written by great philosophers or scientists of fame. They are spending - or have spent - much intelligent thought about the terrible waste of human life and endeavor religion has propagated and caused over the ages. And it is even today still trying to stifle progress of humanity, just for the benefit of a profiting clergy and those who rely on their support to maintain their authority over you. A co-operation which is greatly beneficial to both parties, with the exclusion of the rights of all others.

To help you form your own opinion, below you will find a summary of authors, titles and links to the original articles of which the Dutch translations are published on this site.

Happy reading! May they'l help you to start thinking independently and critically.


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