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‘How it can be justified and opportune to employ lies as medicine and as a cure for those who want to be misled.’ 

Church historian Eusebius, bishop of Ceasarea, Palestine, in his Preaparatio  Evangelica, book 12, chapter 32.

  Here we see, lying for the church must be to be a Christian virtue, and this example of the Christian mind-set  was demonstrated once more and very convincingly in an article in leading Dutch newspaper "NRC Handelsblad" on December 24th, 2005.

   The reporter had recently visited an exposition on Christian art, and apparently still being inspired by the Holy Spirit in this Christmas season, saw fit to conclude his article with this remarkable - and wholly out-of-context - burp:

   ‘The most murderous movements of the twentieth century, communism and nazism, were atheistic and that should bring about a sense of modesty.’  

   Now, when simple Christians, not versed in historical facts or having had the benefit of a broader education should commit a blunder like this, it might be understandable, and we might even forgive them their ignorance. For in their Bible they read: 


  ‘However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come upon you and overtake you: The LORD will plague you with diseases until he has destroyed you from the land you are enteringto possess. The LORD will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.’

Deuteronomy 28:15, 21, 22


   For if the loving God threatens to bring all this over the heads of atheists, they must be very bad people indeed, and by reverse reasoning (‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’) all bad people must be atheists. However, when an editor of a leading national newspaper, of whom we might expect a certain minimum level of education, is allowed to disgrace both himself and his newspaper with a text like this, we have to assume that we are dealing here with the spirit of Eusebius. Someone tries to collect bonuspoints for heaven. Do we now also have to show compassion here? Should we allow every Christian to earn his promised place in heaven by any devious means? Even by fraud and libel?

   Denying the Holocaust earned a British historian his place in an Austrian prison a few years ago, but is the denial of the fact that Hitler – the architect of this crime - was a devout Christian, not also a serious crime with the same evil intent?

   After a letter of protest to the editors about this misleading text (which letter of course was neither placed nor answered), said article was at least removed from the digital archive of this paper, and rightly so.

   With the following pictures we will present some examples of the ever-present close co-operation between the Vatican and Nazism, and with various other dictators all over the world. This is not surprising. Both institutions have much in common; both religion and other dictatorships derive their power over the masses from propaganda and intimidation. And since in our modern society secular laws have greatly restricted the previous absolute power of medieval murderous popes and their successors, the church stands much to gain from synergy with newly emerging dark powers.

   To combat deceptive religious propaganda like the above, which even a ‘liberal’ newspaper in the twenty-first century still employs, hereby a number of historic pictures, because one picture can say more than a thousand words.



"I am convinced that I am working as representative of our Creator. By combatting the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work." - Hitler in 'Mein Kampf' (My Battle), 1925

Left: The touching closing ceremony of a Nazi rally in Vienna: "Let us pray for Gods blessing…"

Right: Hitler poses in front of the Church of the Blessed Virgin in Nürnberg.

Pacelli, the later Pope Pius XII, then Secretary of State for the Vatican, signs the Concordate between Nazi-Germany and the Vatican on July 20th, 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor von Papen is sitting on the right. The Concordate legitimized Hitler in a convincing manner in the eyes of the Roman-Catholic Church.

Left: Hitler welcomes a cardinal at a Nazi-rally.

Right: A carefully composed picture of Hitler leaving the church of the Kriegsmarine in Wilhelmshafen, illustrating his "God-given Command".

Archbishop Orsenigo congratulates Hitler on his birthday on April 20th, 1939. This tradition was originated by Pacelli, the later Pope Pius XII. 

Priests giving the Nazi-salute on a Roman-Catholic youth-rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August, 1933. 

Catholic bishops giving Nazi-salute. On the extreme right, Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of Propaganda. 

Pope Pius XII, nicknamed "Hitler's Pope" by British historian John  Cornwell.

Especially in the pre-war days, Hitler maintained a close alliance with the Roman-Catholic Church...

… and during WW II, Hitler's soldiers proudly displayed on their belt buckles who was fighting on their side.



General Franco was the dictator of Spain from 1939 to his death in 1975.

Papal nuntius Gaetano Cicognani receives General Franco.

Franco too, was greatly admired by the top of the Roman-Catholic Church.



Left:  February 11th, 1929 - Italian fascist dictator Mussolini and cardinal Gasparri sign the Treaty of Lateranen, in which the souvereign state Vatican City is established. 

Right: "Hitler's Pope" Pius XII poses with Hitler's staunchest ally Mussolini.



Left: Videla was the dictator of Argentina from 1976 to 1983. During his reign 30.000 opponents were made to "disappear", often by dropping them alive from aircraft flying over the ocean. The abduction of baby's and gruesome tortures were also favorite means to subdue any opposition in this dirty war.    

Here Videla welcomes an envoy of Pope John Paul II. Their common example is prominently displayed in the background.

Right: For many years, the so-called "Foolish Mothers" have kept the remembrance of their murdered sons and spouses alive by weekly public protests.



Pinochet assumed power in Chile following a United States-backed coup d'état on 11 September 1973 that overthrew the elected socialist Unidad Popular  government of President Salvador Allende and ended civilian rule.  From its beginning, the new military government implemented harsh measures against its perceived opponents. Various reports and investigations claim that between 1,200 and 3,200 people were killed, up to 80,000 people were interned and as many as 30.000 were tortured during the time Pinochet was in government. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is clear this greatly inspired the Roman-Catholic Church and reminded them if their own inglorious past, so Pope John Paul II quickly paid a state visit to his old friend, to display his full support of the proceedings to one and all.




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